Thursday, 12 March 2015

Yes, Boo Radley should be sent to the institution with the other boys as he was caught messing around with the wrong group of people during his teenage years. Going to the institution would teach him a lesson not to hang around with bad company like the Cunninghams. I feel that going to the industrial institutions is not an disgrace to the Radley's, as feared by Old Mr Radley. Going to the industrial school simply means that Boo Radley can learn more there and learn to mend his ways in the school, atoning for the fact that he was in a gang together with the Cunninghams in his teenage years. The  industrial school isn't a prison of any sort for unlawful people, hence Old Mr Radley shouldn't view the industrial school as a place that brings disgrace to the family if Boo Radley goes there. Compared to being locked up at home for many years, it would definitely be better for Boo Radley to go to the industrial institution rather than being cooped up at home. 

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