Thursday, 12 March 2015

Plausible reasons for Scout to convince Atticus for not going to school is because she was forbidden from reading with Atticus at home as Miss Caroline was afraid that Atticus would impede in Scout's learning and ability to read. Scout could have said that she could also learn from home while receiving education from Atticus and Jem. This reason is plausible as Jem and Atticus were both learned individuals who had the ability to teach Scout, hence even if Scout does not attend school, it is still possible for her to receive education from home if Jem and her father impart their knowledge to Scout. 

Another reason would be that Scout was punished by Ms Caroline even though she was just trying to teach her teacher a few of Maycomb's ways, as Ms Caroline misunderstood that Scout was trying to shame the other residents of Maycomb. It is possible that Scout could have felt humiliation and wronged from being punished in front of the whole class, and thus refuse to go to school to reduce the possibility of being humiliated in public again. 

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