Friday, 13 February 2015

Zhou Wei 24

  I think that Miss Caroline is actually a victim in my eyes. In the text, chapter 2 page 24, it is said that Miss Caroline is taught of a new way of teaching in college called the Dewey Decimal System which is faster and Miss Caroline believed it to be the best way to teach children. Thus, she believed that all other methods of teaching will obstruct the new way of teaching and might not be the best for the children which results in she wanting Atticus to stop teaching Scout reading using not the new way of teaching, she wanting to standardize their learning. She only wanted to give the children the best she believes in which is the Dewey Decimal System. She thinks that that is the best method, thus thinking that Atticus can't teach as he is not using the DD system. It is also understandable that she does not believe in Scout as there is no child who is born a genius for you don't see kids picking up a book and reading up well when there is no one around to even tell them how each alphabet sound thus she does not believe Scout when she said is a natural and think that there must be someone who taught her. Scout also have Atticus an educated person as father thus there is high chance of him teaching Scout. She is stubborn about her way of thinking but she is not bad and only wanted to give them the best. Thus she is a victim.

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