Friday, 13 February 2015

Yong Jing Jing (23)

Ms Caroline is a victim as she suffered from the judgement of others. Being an outsider in Maycomb, she was unaware of the history and background. As a teacher, she was merely doing her job and since  she is form the North, her belief was that learning is best through standardized education. T
When she offered the quarter to Walter Cunningham, her initial intentions were good, as she assumed that he did not bring his lunch and did not want him to skip lunch. It was a kind gesture, which unfortunately was perceived wrongly since she did not know that he could not accept it since he could not afford to pay her back, and when she heard Scout accusing her of shaming Walter Cunningham, Ms Caroline's anger could not be contained anymore when she heard such harsh words that seemed to make no sense to her since she did not understand the background information. Later on, after the bell rang for lunch, she is seen burying her head in her arms. She was having a rough day and felt upset and having came from the North, she did not understand situations so she cannot be blamed for the Walter Cunnigham incident, which her initial intention was to care for her students. 

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