Friday, 13 February 2015

Yong Jie Ning (22) 13 Feb 2015

Is Miss Caroline a victim or a villain?

I think Miss Caroline is a victim because she is new to Maycomb and did not know much of Maycomb's practises due to Maycomb's isolation and that she was from North Alabama. According to the text in Chapter 2 from page 25 to 27, it shows that Miss Caroline was totally clueless about the practises made by the different population of people in Maycomb and an example is the Cunninghams. Miss Caroline saw that Walter Cunningham did not have any food for recess and wanted to help him but was rejected three times as the Cunninghams only took what they could return. She becomes impatient and helpless until Scout offended her by saying she was shaming him. This shows that she was unaware of what is happening and kept doing the wrong thing, making her a victim. Another example is when Miss Caroline wanted to punish Scout, she also did not know about the practise about spitting on the hand whenever someone stretch out the hand and the whole class burst into laughter. This also shows that Miss Caroline was clueless about the practises in Maycomb. Therefore, I feel that Miss Caroline is a victim.

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