Friday, 13 February 2015

Wei Ze Yu (21)

  I think that Miss Caroline is a victim. She was from North Alabama and was an outsider. It was normal for her to be a little ignorant about Maycomb. She was not familiar with how things work out in Maycomb, she was just using her own ways to help her students, what she did was all of goodwill, she did not mean to offend her students. For example, in chapter 2, Miss Caroline offered Walter a quarter as Walter said that he did not bring his lunch as she did not want him to come back to class with a empty stomach. She did not know Walter is a Cunningham and Cunninghams never take anything that they could not return, Walter rejected her because he was poor and can never return her money.
This evidence showed that Miss Caroline cared for her students' welfare. Apart from being stubborn and inflexible, I do not think Miss Caroline had done anything wrong and thus I think that she is a victim but not a villain.

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