Friday, 13 February 2015

Ow Wen Xuan (18)

Is Miss Caroline a victim / villain?

I personally think that Miss Caroline is a victim. As she is from North Alabama, Winston country, she does not know anything much about Maycomb and how poor the Cunninghams were. The fact that she does not know much can be shown from the part in chapter 2 of her wanting to lend some money to Walter first, asking him to return her the next day. At that time when Scouts mentioned that Walter was a Cunningham, Miss Caroline did not know what she was trying to say as Miss Caroline did not have much knowledge and information on the Cunninghams. However, as her act of offering to lend Walter money to buy lunch was out of good will, not wanting him to starve, I do not think she should be said as a Villain. Due to her ignorance, Miss Caroline probably have done quite a few things that reflected badly on her. However, I still think that she is a victim instead since she did not do anything out of bad intentions.

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