Friday, 13 February 2015

Matthew (34)

                                 Is Miss Caroline a victim or a villain?

Miss Caroline is a victim as she was not familiar with Maycomb practices, yet she was condemned at school for doing things that were not very welcomed by the students. For example, she offered to give Walter lunch money, however she did not know that Walter did not have the ability to return her the money afterwards due to his financial needs. She was also criticised by Scout because of her act of goodwill, but she did those things all for the welfare of her students, and should not be blamed for being unsure of Maycomb practices as she was an outsider herself. Should she have been a villain, she would not have put effort in wanting to educate the children well. The fact that she told Scout to stop reading with her father shows that she was afraid that Scout's father would impede in her learning of reading, showing that she made the request out of goodwill as well.

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