Friday, 13 February 2015

Lim Xin Yi (15) 13-Feb-2015

  Is Miss Caroline a Victim or a Villain?

     Personally, I think that Miss Caroline is a villain. Miss Caroline had just moved from North Alabama to Maycomb County. She was expected to and supposed to adapt to the way of life, culture, practices and many other different aspects of lives of people here in Maycomb County. However, she was too stubborn to do so, resulting in her hurting the children. When Miss Caroline realised that Scott could read without her help nor the presence of the Dewey Decimal System,at such at young age, she was displeased with Scott. She believed very strongly that the Dewey Decimal System was the best way to teach students, and students should all learn at the same pace together,  just like what the new system suggested. She did not allow any advancements of her students, although the student may be more capable than the others. This would hinder Scott in maximising her full potential. Later on during class, she found out that Scott knew how to write too. She insisted that Scott stop writing, with the main reason that the Dewey Decimal System only introduces writing to students from Grade 3 and onwards. Due to Miss Caroline's inflexibility and narrow-mindedness, she wanted Scott to ask Attics to stop teaching her. Furthermore, Miss Caroline was offensive towards Atticus by commenting that he had taught Scott the wrong things, when Scott was even taught by Atticus. Apart from this, later in the morning, Burris Ewell was about to leave the classroom when called by Miss Caroline. Miss Caroline asked what was happening and one of her students explained that the Ewells were allowed to leave the school. as and when they liked. Although Miss Caroline was told and explained to clearly that the Ewells had special conditions, she still insisted that Burris sit down and continue to attend her lesson. It can be deduced that Miss Caroline was too stubborn to adapt to the ways some things work here in Maycomb county. She was too narrow-minded to be open to the new environment and society in Maycomb County.  Hence, she angered Burrows Ewell. As a result,  I think that Miss Caroline was a villain instead of a victim as she was offensive towards Atticus, inflexible and stubborn , though she could be quite vulnerable and pitiful at times due to her lack in knowledge of Maycomb County, and her doings hurt others.

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