Friday, 13 February 2015

Judy (9)

Is Miss Caroline a victim or a villain? 
I think that Miss Caroline is a victim because she was an outsider and hasn't been in Maycomb for long enough to know some of the terms people use here and the ways of people living here. When Scouts mentioned that Walter was a Cunningham, she did not know what she meant because she does not know who the Cunninghams are and what it means to be one of them, including their practices and beliefs. I think if she knew that the Cunninghams only accepted offers which they can return, and that they would not be able to return almost everything offered to them because they are very poor, she would not have offered the money to Walter. But what she has done can be accepted because it isn't her fault she didn't know about the Cunninghams. And her offer of lunch money to Walter was make out of good will, she didn't want her student to be hungry without lunch. Her intention wasn't to offend anyone, anything undesirable was done totally unintentionally. She was caring towards Walter but was rejected harshly and all the students were against her. I think that even though Miss Caroline did the wrong thing, they should understand it because there was much about the town that she don't know of yet.

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