Friday, 13 February 2015

Joyce 11

I think that miss Caroline is a victim because as an outsider who came from other city, she did not know well about maycomb and thus, had zero knowledge about the folks living in maycomb. Family of cunnninghams are very poor however, their principle is not to accept anything from others which they cannot return. Miss Caroline did not know well about the cunninghams hence, did something that made the students in her class feel like she's shaming Walter Cunningham infront of the entire class when the fact is she did not do it on purpose. Walter Cunningham did not have lunch one day and would never have any in the future as he did not have enough money for that. Miss Caroline saw him without any lunchbox and handed him a quarter so that he could buy his lunch. However, he rejected her offer. She was in confusion and finally scout explained everything to her that the cunninghams don't accept any offers which they can't pay back. Ms Caroline felt really bad as she kind of shamed Walter in front of his classmates as she revealed that Walter is poor. She cried at the end of the day, this means that she actually felt very bad for her own actions like embarrassing Walter and indirectly told the class that Walter has no money. She, not having enough knowledge about maycomb, kept doing the wrong acts. Although it sounds like me Caroline is shaming Walter, she did not do it deliberately as she actually knew nothing about maycomb. Thus, we could not blame her for indirectly shaming Walter and call her a villain as she, in this case, is a victim.

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