Friday, 13 February 2015

Jan Hoe 08

Is Miss Caroline a victim of a villain?
I think that Miss Caroline is a villain. When Miss caroline offered some money to Walter Cunninghams, he was hesitant to accept the money. When Scout explained to Miss Caroline twice that Walter is a Cunningham and a cunningham does not accept things they could not return, Miss Caroline got impatient and told Scout that she have irritated her the whole morning. She then patted scout's hand with a ruler a few times and punished her in front of the whole class. Although Scout was just trying to help Walter and her intentions were good, Miss Caroline was unreasonable and punished her even though she did not do anything wrong. Also, when Scout told Miss Caroline that she could read since she was born, Miss Caroline did not believe her and thought that she was just lying and that her father taught her how to read. Miss Caroline then told Scout to get her father to stop teaching her the 'wrong way'. Just because Miss Caroline wants a standardized education, she insisted that Scout's father should stop teaching her. Miss Caroline wants teach in her own way and thinks that she is right. To get her own way, she wants Scout to stop learning how to read and write which is actually not the wrong thing to do. This shows that Miss Caroline is illogical.
In conclusion, i think that Miss Caroline is unreasonable and therefore she is a villain.

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