Friday, 13 February 2015

Lim Jak Zeng (31) 2H

Is Ms Caroline A Victim Or A Villain?

In my view, I think Ms Caroline is a villian, as she is very inflexible.
From chapter two, we can see that Ms Caroline is very dedicated to teach using only the Dewey Decimal System. She display the fact that she only believes different skills such as reading and writing are intended to be taught at a child's intented age, and are to be taught to the children in a standardised way. For example, when she realised that Scout could read "The Mobile Register perfectly, she grew unhappy that Scout already had the ability to read before the intended age Ms Caroline thought that batch of students should be taught how to read. She immediately told Scout to tell his father to stop teaching her how to read, as the method he taught her was "wrong". Also from the same chapter, when Scout was caught having to write a letter to Dill during Ms Caroline's lesson, Ms Caroline told her the same thing, and also stated that she should stop learning how to write as it will be taught in grade 3. From these two evidence, we can see that Ms Caroline is actually very insistent in her ways of teaching, such that she wants the student to completely stop learning that skill and even blame their parents for teaching them these skills in the first place. In this way, she prevents the students for learning and gaining these skills and abilities, which may be essential to their daily lives. I feel that this is also why Scout does not like Ms Caroline, as a result of Ms Carolines constant accusations wrong methods on her father teaching her on how to read and write, and also how she prevented Scout from developing these skills that she was actually proud and likes to use. Thus, we can see that Ms Caroline is actually more like a villian to Scout and probably some of his friends, because of her stubborn and inflexible ways of teaching.

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