Friday, 13 February 2015

Ng tat kit(33)

is miss Caroline a victim or villain?

I think that Miss Caroline is a victim, as she is from North Alabama and an outsider and thus ignorant about Maycomb and its ways.what she did was just her using her own ways to try to help her students.What she did was done with good intent and she did not mean to offend her students. For example, in chapter 2, Miss Caroline offered Walter a quarter as he lied and said that he did not bring his lunch as he was to poor but did not wish to explain this to her. She did not want him to come back to class with a empty stomach and did not know Walter was a Cunningham and the Cunninghams never took anything that they could not return, and thus Walter rejected her as he knew he could never pay back her money. However, Scout's explanation was insufficiently clear and thus resulted in her embarrassment.This shows that Miss Caroline cares for her students' welfare. Apart from being inflexible and narrow-minded, I do not think Miss Caroline had done anything wrong 

Furthermore, when she talked to Burris Ewell politely on advising him to get rid of his head lice, Burris instead used profane language and made her cry before impudently walking off.thus, I think that she is a victim but not a villain.

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