Friday, 13 February 2015

Koh Yi Ling (12)

I feel that Miss Caroline is a victim, showing her care for the students. She was checking the lunch of the students and made sure thatthe contents pleased her, showing her care for the students that they eat a proper meal. When she saw that Walter Cunningham did not bring his lunch, she offered to lend him money, not knowing that Cunninghams do not take anything they cannot afford to pay back as she was from North Alabama, from Winston country. After Walter Cunningham rejected her money twice, she got impatient. Her impatience shows that she did not want Walter to skip their meals and starve through out the next few classes, showing care and concern to her students. In Singapore, the schools do not check whether students had brought their lunch or bring money for their lunch, treating this as the responsibility of the students to make sure they eat their meals. Thus, Miss Caroline's care towards the students an be seen and she is a victom.

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