Friday, 13 February 2015

Eunice Chua (3)

I think Miss Caroline is a villian based on the way she forces children to learn in the new way she had implemented into the education system. The term "forces" suggests that she insisted on her way of learning, believing that it should be standardized and that through this method, it will improve the studies of students. In another way, she is very inflexible in the way children should be educated. For example, when Miss Caroline caught Scout writing a letter to Dill in her lesson, she stated that in grade one, students should only learn how to read and it's not until grade three when they can learn to write. She finds that Scout was educated in a wrong way. This portrays that Miss Caroline dislike the fact that Scout received advance education and wanted Scout to learn with the class. However, this might not be the best choice as it will slow down the pace of learning for others with advance education like Scout and it will affect their learning. From this, it can be seen that Miss Caroline controls the way children are educated but at the same time it is not the beneficial to everyone, thus, I conclude that Miss Caroline is a villian.

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