Friday, 13 February 2015

Yeoh Zi jun(36) 2H

  I feel that Miss Caroline is a victim as is she was new to Maycomb and had not taught any students before in Maycomb. She did not know of it's ways and the practices that the people performed.
She did not know that the Cunninghams never took things they could not return. Hence,upon knowing that Walter Cunningham did not have any lunch to eat,she gave him money out of good will.  In the end, Walter Cunningham rejected it. Everyone assumed that she knew that the Cunninghams were poor and did not take things that they could not return. Scout,feeling that Miss Caroline should have known of it,discreetly said that she shaming Walter Cunningham.,which was very rude of Scout and insulting to Miss Caroline. Miss caroline also did not know by sticking one's hand was normally to seal an oral contract. She asked Scout to stick out her hand and gave her a dozen little pats which cause the class to break loose in laughter. The class was very noisy and so Miss Caroline got scolded by the sixth grade teacher. Hence I feel that she was a victim and not a villian

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