Monday, 16 February 2015

Calyn Seah (2)

Is Miss Caroline a victim or a villain? 

Personally, I feel that Miss Caroline is a victim. Firstly, Miss Caroline is from North Alabama and she's doesn't knows the ways of Maycomb, being considered as an "outsider". Thus when Walter did not bring his lunch. Miss Caroline thought he forgot his lunch and offered him a quarter, unaware and ignorant of the fact that Cunninghams never took anything they could never pay back. As a teacher, she was merely concerned of the welfare of the students yet her good will was wrongly perceived by. She said" What, Jean Louise?" and 'I beg your pardon, Jean Louise?". This shows that she does not understand what Scout meant when she said Walter was a Cunningham. Thus, her lashing out at Scout was unintentional and it was not her fault as he did not know the ways of Maycomb and doesn't know she is embarrassing Walter.

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