Friday, 13 February 2015

Ashley Loo (16)

I think that Miss Caroline is a victim because she came from another place, Alabama,cthus was an outsider who knew nothing about Maycomb or even the students' backgrounds, and this is the reason why she didn't know what Burris Ewells meant by saying he had done his time for the year. She did not know that Ewells only went for the first day of school and would be absent for the rest of the year. In addition, Burris Ewells treated her so rudely when Miss Caroline actually told him to go back home to bathe. Burris Ewells even shouted at Miss Caroline when she was so polite when she was telling him to sit back down. He eventually made her cry by telling her that she aren't going to make him go nowhere. A student should always listen to their teacher but Burrus Ewells did not which shows that he was making things difficult for Miss Caroline, making her stressed, even made her cry. I think Miss Caroline felt very sad that she could not settle a student down, she did not do a good job as a teacher. However, Burris Ewells' fault as he was very rude to her. Thus, she is a victim who got treated rudely by a student, Burris Ewells, even when she was older than him.

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