Thursday, 12 March 2015

Plausible reasons for Scout to convince Atticus for not going to school is because she was forbidden from reading with Atticus at home as Miss Caroline was afraid that Atticus would impede in Scout's learning and ability to read. Scout could have said that she could also learn from home while receiving education from Atticus and Jem. This reason is plausible as Jem and Atticus were both learned individuals who had the ability to teach Scout, hence even if Scout does not attend school, it is still possible for her to receive education from home if Jem and her father impart their knowledge to Scout. 

Another reason would be that Scout was punished by Ms Caroline even though she was just trying to teach her teacher a few of Maycomb's ways, as Ms Caroline misunderstood that Scout was trying to shame the other residents of Maycomb. It is possible that Scout could have felt humiliation and wronged from being punished in front of the whole class, and thus refuse to go to school to reduce the possibility of being humiliated in public again. 
Yes, Boo Radley should be sent to the institution with the other boys as he was caught messing around with the wrong group of people during his teenage years. Going to the institution would teach him a lesson not to hang around with bad company like the Cunninghams. I feel that going to the industrial institutions is not an disgrace to the Radley's, as feared by Old Mr Radley. Going to the industrial school simply means that Boo Radley can learn more there and learn to mend his ways in the school, atoning for the fact that he was in a gang together with the Cunninghams in his teenage years. The  industrial school isn't a prison of any sort for unlawful people, hence Old Mr Radley shouldn't view the industrial school as a place that brings disgrace to the family if Boo Radley goes there. Compared to being locked up at home for many years, it would definitely be better for Boo Radley to go to the industrial institution rather than being cooped up at home. 
The initial impression that Scout had on Ms Caroline was that she was a stubborn and dictative teacher. However, Scout's impression of Ms Caroline changed to thinking that she was pitiful as a foreigner to Maycomb. Initially, Ms Caroline was a stubborn teacher, who insisted that "every child must start reading with a fresh mind". Hence she often told Scout to convey her message to Atticus, who was educated at home, to tell him to stop teaching her how to read, for fear that it impedes in Scout's learning of reading and writing. Scout shows her disapproval towards Ms Caroline's will, however Ms Caroline still insists that things be done the way she likes. This caused Scout to feel hatred for Ms Caroline. However, following this incident was the case when Ms Caroline offered Walter Cunningham lunch money. Due to the fact that she was an outsider and did not know the practices of Maycomb, she once again insisted that Walter accepted the money. It was a principle among Cunninghams that they would not take something that they could not return, hence Walter did not want to accept the money as he knew that he could never return the money back. Ms Caroline had unintentionally shamed Walter, and Scout felt sorry for her afterwards as she saw Ns Caroline burying her head to cry on the desk, changing her perspective from a stubborn person to a pitiful one.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Is miss Caroline a villain or victim

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In my opinion Miss Caroline is a villain. According to the text. Miss Caroline as a teacher told Scout to tell her father to stop teaching her and first grade don't write, they won't learn to write until they are in the third grade. This is an act to discourage the student from learning on their own. This proved how inflexible she is as she doesn't alow any learning outside school or any advance learning. This also shows that she is a villain as a teacher shouldn't discourage student and should encourage Scout to write.

Calyn Seah (2)

Is Miss Caroline a victim or a villain? 

Personally, I feel that Miss Caroline is a victim. Firstly, Miss Caroline is from North Alabama and she's doesn't knows the ways of Maycomb, being considered as an "outsider". Thus when Walter did not bring his lunch. Miss Caroline thought he forgot his lunch and offered him a quarter, unaware and ignorant of the fact that Cunninghams never took anything they could never pay back. As a teacher, she was merely concerned of the welfare of the students yet her good will was wrongly perceived by. She said" What, Jean Louise?" and 'I beg your pardon, Jean Louise?". This shows that she does not understand what Scout meant when she said Walter was a Cunningham. Thus, her lashing out at Scout was unintentional and it was not her fault as he did not know the ways of Maycomb and doesn't know she is embarrassing Walter.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Chew Jing Heng(25)

Is Miss Caroline a victim, or a villain?

I strongly believe that Miss Caroline is a victim because she came from North Alabama to Maycomb to teach and therefore, had a different way of teaching. 
    "North Alabama was full of Liquor Interests, Big Mules, steel companies, Republicans, professors" whereas "Maycomb was just a tired old town" with "nothing to see outside the boundaries of Maycomb County". 
    I can tell that there is a huge difference between the two different places, and therefore, highly likely a different system for education. Miss Caroline was merely bringing the system of education she learned in North Alabama to Maycomb.  She wanted Scout to follow her teaching as she believes that standardised teaching will make Scout learn in a much better and correct, instead of a wrong way. Her good intentions, however, was not recognised by Scout. Moreover, as an outsider, Miss Caroline did not expect that her "different set of punishment" for Scout would make the class laugh. This, in turn, landed herself into trouble when a senior teacher scolded her for not keeping the class quiet. Miss Caroline even cried when the class went for a break.
    Through this, I can conclude that it Miss Caroline was a victim. Her good intentions of wanting her students to learn in a correct way by using a different way of teaching only harmed her own self.